Quality for all to enjoy



For Lacker, quality goes far beyond the mere compliance with standards and regulations: it is, above all, something that can be experienced and enjoyed, and not just measured.

Quality from inception to completion

For Lacker, quality prevails from the very start: in the counselling of customers and the collaborative design process, in our response to your ideas and the recommendations we make on the basis of our experience. After that, our entire efforts are focused on translating your concepts into the best possible solution. Needless to say, in close partnership and consultation with you. Every step of the way, our aim is to produce a facade that meets your requirements to the letter. Without the slightest risk of a budget overrun.

Openness and transparency

A key priority in achieving this goal is to provide you with a transparent picture of our procedures and processes. We communicate with you openly and listen very carefully to what you say. This is because we view ourselves as your partner. Your questions are a source of inspiration in finding the best solution and make a vital contribution to the quality epitomized by the Lacker label.