Certified quality



While quality is much talked about, Lacker concentrates on creating and delivering it. This is achieved through the observance of strict standards and guidelines in all parts of our company. From materials specification and processing all the way through to manufacture (Link zu Fenstertechnik_Fertigung).

Validated product quality

To ensure compliance with our own in-house quality standards, all our products undergo regular testing. Our windows and facades are also scrupulously examined and tested by independent institutes prior to receiving the official stamp of approval. To which our many certificates and awards testify.

Monitored process quality

Even our internal processes and procedures are subject to a strict quality management regime in line with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. Implemented throughout the company, this is continuously monitored by ift-Rosenheim and refined in consultation with this inspection body. With the aim of ensuring that the quality of our processes and procedures keeps pace with that of our products. A pledge that we actively honour.