Plus Points that offer real value

How it opens hinges on your decision


Our bigSwing top- and side-hung windows are system-independent. They can be installed in any stick-system assembly, wall reveals and timberwork structures. Their elegant, filigree structural glazing look make them ideal for ventilating halls and other spaces.

Tremendous cost-effectiveness

Having been certified by research and test institute ift-Rosenheim as NSHEV (natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilator) for a total area of up to 5 m2, bigSwing also offers an unbeatably economical solution.

From high-rise to school building

The potential applications are virtually unlimited.  

  • Towers and high-rise buildings
  • Administrative facilities
  • Public buildings and facilities
  • Industrial and factory sheds
  • Festival halls, sports and multi-purpose venues
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Hotels
  • Churches
  • Schools and universities


No-go for burglars

Burglar resistance is another key issue at the above locations. Here too, our bigSwing top-hung vents boast impeccable credentials, through their class RC2.

Ready-assembled delivery

To allow prompt and trouble-free installation, we supply the windows as fully pre-assembled units complete with glazing. This allows straightforward fitting of our top- and side-hung windows  – in much the same way as fixed lights – with no time lost through fine adjustment of hardware etc.

Adding swing to the facade

Our bigSwing top- and side-hung windows are manufactured, to your specifications, with

  • Single glazing
  • Double glazing
  • Triple glazing
  • Solar-control glazing
  • Insulated sheet-metal panels
  • Non-insulated sheet-metal panels 


Glass steps

The insulating-glass panes are provided with an enamelled, overlapping step with polished edges on all sides.

Neatly framed

The glass panes are adhesive-bonded to the frame. They are additionally secured by means of special, hardly visible screws or filigree frames finished identically to the edge seal. 

From big to small

Our bigSwing top- and side-hung windows are manufactured in widths and heights of up to 6 m, and with a maximum total area of up to 6 m2. Sizes which few manufacturers can measure up to.

Size parameters

The achievable production sizes depend on the

  • surface area of the window
  • width-to-height ratio
  • structural requirements 

Made-to-measure advice

We should be glad to counsel you on the optimum window sizes for your particular scheme. With all due regard, of course, to your specific requirements and preferences. After all, our ultimate goal is to find the most economical solution for you and your project. 

A high profile

For our frames, we exclusively use highly insulating, thermally broken multi-chambered sections with 24 mm adapter thickness. The sections can be adjusted to fit all standard stick-system assemblies, steel sections and timberwork structures. Packing for greater adapter thicknesses and the widening of the adapter edge are feasible.

All colours of the rainbow

The frame sections are only visible from the inside and can be anodized or coated in any required RAL or DB colour.


Driven by ingenuity

Innovative (230 V and 24 V) chain motors are used for our bigSwing windows. An intelligent synchronization control is additionally fitted for windows with two or more drives.

Keeping a watchful eye

If necessary, the window's current (open/closed) position status can be monitored using reed switches or an incremental encoder system.

Connections included

The wiring for industrial communications networks (bus systems) or the central NSHEV station is integrated in the window and carried within the assembly to a single connection point.

Cables made to measure

As an optional extra, we supply our windows complete with cabling. Cable lengths vary from window to window and are adapted by us to meet project-specific requirements.


Certified excellence

In all tests conducted by independent institutes, our bigSwing top- and side-hung windows exclusively deliver top results:

  • NSHEV test to DIN EN 12101-2:
    Up to an top-hung width of 4.500 mm
  • Air permeability to DIN EN 12207:
    Up to Class 3
  • Driving rain resistance to DIN EN 12208:
    Up to Class 9A
  • Thermal transmittance:
    Up to UW 1.3 (depending on size and glazing)

Optional extras

Anti-trap function

The use of radar and movement detectors is possible, depending on the local conditions and occupancy. Clearly defined factors governing their application include the need for additional control cabinets and separate power supply cables, potential "blind spots" and the possibility of inadvertent interruption in non-critical cases. 

Safety Class 4 applications to VFF (German Association of Window and Facade Manufacturers) data sheet: Lacker prefers in-built systems using Mayser safety edge contact strips. This obviates the need for additional power supply cables, on-site fine-tuning and cumbersome external control cabinets. 

Safety Class 2 and 3 applications to VFF data sheet: For applications subject to only a small risk of accident, Lacker recommends an acoustic or visual warning signal, or a reduction of the closing speed.

Position status monitoring

The (open/closed) position status of bigSwing window units can be monitored using reed switches or an incremental encoder system. 



Insect/bird screens and sunshades

All bigSwing top- and side-hung windows can be retrofitted with bird and insect screen systems or sunshades. These are simply fixed to the frame in the interior.  


Guard rails

To protect against falling, elegantly styled stainless-steel bar guard rails can be mounted internally.


Lifting lugs for crane assembly

We also strive to make our window systems fast and easy to install. Our window units are therefore supplied with lifting lugs for crane assembly upon request.