100% Waldachtal



We see ourselves as a technology leader in the field of power-operated windows – in Germany, Europe and worldwide.

Patently obvious

Our relentlessly innovative spirit and the ingenuity of our employees are the key pillars of our leadership role. This is evidenced by our many patents and the numerous innovations (Link zu Fenstertechnik_Aktuelles) we have launched onto the market.

By visionaries for visionaries

Our willingness to explore new horizons is also reflected by the technical design and visual impact of our windows. Lacker consistently sets new benchmarks in terms of dependability, user safety and filigree appeal. Needless to say, all Lacker products are comprehensively tested and approved. So as to ensure that we deliver fully certified quality (Link zu Fenstertechnik_Qualitätsanspruch) across the board, even for our most recent developments.

Automatically flawless

The successful fabrication of pioneering products heavily depends on the use of suitable equipment. State-of-the-art CAD machining centres allow the micron-accurate working of premium-quality materials and high-precision series production. Every single step of the manufacturing process is controlled and monitored by trained specialists.

Lacker – proactive quality culture and commitment

All our products are subject to the most rigorous standards of manufacturing and commissioning so as to maximize robustness and service life. For series-fabricated products and bespoke solutions alike, for production runs of 1,000, 100 or only 1! Everything we make is built to last. On this we stake our reputation.