The company Lacker establishes itself both in the facade and in the window technology, many well-known companies are among the customers of the company. From now on Lacker operates as a GmbH (limited liability company), but remains a capital company. Mr. Frank Lacker is the managing partner of LACKER GmbH.


Continuing on its successful trajectory, Lacker AG marks the start of the new financial year with a new milestone, as Lacker bigAir® becomes the first and so far only all-glass louvre window to pass the rigorous ball impact resistance test to DIN EN 18032-3. A further testament to the supreme quality of our products and our technology leadership in the all-glass louvre window segment.



LackerCabrio  – the world's first parallel downward opening window – moves into the series production phase.



Development and market launch of a louvre window drive with an IP (ingress protection) rating of 67. This allows louvre windows to be installed in indoor swimming pools, indoor botanical gardens, zoos and other damp or humid spaces. 



Lacker's bigSwing all-glass top-hung and side-hung windows pass the NSHEV test to DIN EN 12101-2 for an area of up to 5 m2. An achievement unmatched for top-hung windows of this size by any other company in the sector.



Inauguration of a further, 1,000 m2 factory hall for the manufacture of power-operated facade and window units.



Product rollout and launch of series production for the bigAir® 400 SG louvre window.



The experience gathered from previous developments, coupled with new aesthetic and performance requirements imposed by customers, culminates in the design and patenting of the new bigAir® SG (structural glazing) vent. The bigAir® SG principle is applied to assemblies with blade heights of 250 to 450 mm using the same design concept.



As part of the management succession process, the company is renamed Lacker AG. This is accompanied by the design and patenting of the large bigAir® 400 louvre window for vertical installation and bigAir® 400 D for incorporation in pitched roof areas.



Extension of existing factory facilities and warehouses to cover over 6,800 m2.


Entry into the market for water-heated and -cooled facade and glass roof systems.



Launch of series production for bigAir® 200 and introduction of ISO 9001 by TÜV (German Technical Inspections Organization).


Design, construction and patenting of three new window types:

1. topSwing  flush top-hung window for installation in sloping facades
2. bigSwing  top-hung window for installation in vertical glazed areas
3. bigAir® 200 louvre window.



Development of a machine for the shadow- and haze-free glass-bead blasting (matt finishing) of stainless-steel sheet and start-up of own production. The new surface treatment process devised by Lacker is christened "Pearl Finish®" and duly patented.



Establishment of Lacker Systemvertrieb GmbH.



The sealing and glazing system developed in 1984 is now marketed to other metalwork companies.



Design and patenting of sealing and glazing system for exclusive use in Lacker's own steel/glass facade and glass roofing projects.


The company's continuing success is reflected by its steady growth.
The setting-up of Lacker's own design office and the continuous enlargement of its production facilities create new jobs. The form of the expanding company is changed from a sole proprietorship to a "GmbH & Co KG" limited partnership.



Herbert Lacker designs the first rubber mounts for glass with preformed water channels to match all standard steel sections. The following years see the industry-wide adoption of this system, thus paving the way for the company's entry into the inclined glazing and glass roof sectors.



The company specializes in the manufacture and installation of dry (putty-free) glazing using non-sanded roofing felt strips.



The metalworking shop relocates from the rented premises to its own new residential and workshop building.



Herbert Lacker sets up a metalworking shop. In a 40 m2 rented workshop, he carries out standard metalworking jobs and fabricates steel staircases. This lays the foundations for the present-day Lacker AG.