The surface treatment par excellence!



The Lacker-developed Pearl Finish® glass-bead blasting technique is a purely mechanical process for the creation of uniform, decorative surfaces. It can be used to treat stainless steel, aluminium, brass etc. – in short, virtually any metal or alloy. 

Boundless design freedom

Pearl Finish® provides virtually unlimited design scope: wide-ranging gloss levels – from shiny and reflective to matt and silk matt – can be combined with a variety of decorative textures. It also allows the embellishment of flat surfaces with lines, lettering, logos or free forms.

One method – myriad applications

Examples of these metal finishes can be seen every day in many segments of industry:

  • Facade engineering
  • Shop fitting and exhibition stand construction
  • Damp space fit-outs
  • Automotive supply sector
  • Musical instrument design
  • Plus a wide variety of other industrial and craft applications

A blast from the past

Lacker's Pearl Finish® boasts a long track record. The machinery and technique were conceived, designed and patented as early as 1994. Continuous refinement of the absolutely shadow- and haze-free glass-bead blasting process now enables us to treat sheet metal with thicknesses down to 0.8 mm.

Crystal-clear advice

We should be glad to send you samples that provide a more immediate impression of this innovative finish and the other surface treatment options.

As a follow-up, we also offer personal counselling sessions to assist you in selecting the best abrasive and metal or alloy for your specific project.